Webinar: Search Engines can do more to protect your intellectual property

16 Jul 2019

Millions of locations online are dedicated to infringing intellectual property, including by offering copyright content without any licence and selling counterfeit products. It doesn’t stop there. Infringers will fake accounts to harvest data, run operations to trap people into paying for services that they never receive and give access to products that are illegal and often dangerous.

All responsible search engines can play their part in stopping this proliferation of unlawful activity online

Hosts of websites act to take down an illegal website when notified. Social media platforms remove harmful posts when notified. But search engines will do very little, if anything. Indexing the world’s information has gone too far. So, what can be done to redress the balance?

Join us as we analyse:

• What is happening online, with practical case study examples on issues affecting the pharma, sports, consumer product, motoring and electrical sectors
• The case law that shows how search engines can be required to do more
• What next steps brands can take to get more cooperation from search engines

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Simon Baggs
CEO & Co-Founder at Incopro
Partner and Head of Intellectual Property at Wiggin LLP

Helen Saunders
Helen Saunders Chief Product and Customer Solutions Officer at Incopro

Dan Glover
Technology Partner at McCarthy Tetrault LLP


Sanjana Kapila (Managing IP)