Webinar: Platform Best Practices - Prioritizing key platforms & working with them effectively

Webinar: Platform Best Practices – Prioritizing key platforms & working with them effectively

Join our webinar on May 28 to learn how to prioritize and work with key platforms to achieve your Brand Protection goals.

Join Brand Protection experts on May 28 4PM BST / 11AM ET where you will learn how to prioritize key platforms and take strategic action against bad actors operating on them.

Register now to discover:

  • How to prioritize the key platforms most visible and frequented by consumers
  • How to prioritize high-risk infringements found on these platforms
  • Best practices for working with the e-commerce giants – Amazon, eBay, Alibaba & Facebook – to achieve your Brand Protection goals
  • How to address new threats from emerging platforms by factoring this into your strategy


Helen Saunders

Helen is the Chief Product Officer at Incopro and has driven product strategy since joining in 2014. Helen established Incopro’s global analyst team and works with customers, partners, and platforms to build new capabilities which help brands tackle online risk. She has a background in UK law enforcement and cyber security investigations, which gives her a valuable perspective on the tools and techniques used by online bad actors, helping to ensure Incopro’s services continually evolve with the threat.

Svetlana Ilnitskaya

Svetlana is the Director of Customer Strategy at Incopro, where she consults on Brand Protection solutions for customers, ensuring innovative and creative approaches to the ever-evolving Brand Protection challenges faced by IP owners. Since joining Incopro in 2015, she has built successful programs across sectors including FMCG, fashion, e-commerce, and media.

Sean Kolodji

Sean conceptualizes and implements Brand Protection solutions, utilizing Incopro’s cutting-edge technology and Brand Protection experts. Sean is passionate about disrupting the culture of IP theft that can run rampant in online spaces and delivering sustained improvement in the experiences of both brands and consumers online.

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