Webinar: Intelligence & Investigations Master Class – The keys to an integrated approach

The threats to businesses online are wide and varied. Some cannot be dealt with alone through regular monitoring and enforcement techniques.

In this webinar, we discuss why online and offline intelligence is critical to Brand Protection success. Hear from our panel of experts on why an investigative approach is needed to root out particularly difficult infringers, to discover offline operators, and to examine specialist focus areas outside the usual scope of your Brand Protection team.

Webinar agenda

  • Why bad actor networks are the key to a lasting reduction in threats to your brand
  • How to gather intelligence – where and how to find useful data that leads to action
  • How to track networks – organize, visualize and understand the network that you are uncovering, plus maximize the potential of new information acquired
  • The value of collaboration – the benefits of collaborating to tackle networks


Josh Hopping

Joshua Hopping

Head of Investigation Services, Incopro

Joshua has over sixteen years of experience helping companies protect their intellectual property online. He is an Associate Member of the World Association of Detectives and a Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) by ASIS International specializing in open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysis aimed at providing clients with actionable intelligence used to dismantle and disrupt counterfeit or otherwise abusive networks.

Claire Hendey

Claire Hendey

Global Brand Protection and IP Operations and Systems Manager, Unilever

Claire is currently a part of the team at Unilever leading the global transformation of their Brand Protection ecosystem. Claire has over 20 years’ experience in the IP industry, crossing all elements of trademarks, patents and other IP areas while heading many large Private Practice support departments and running complex and multi-regional systems roll outs.

Helen Saunders

Chief Product Officer, Incopro

Helen has driven Incopro’s product strategy since joining in 2013. Helen established Incopro’s global analyst team and works with customers, partners, and platforms to build new capabilities which help brands tackle online risk. She has a background in UK law enforcement and cyber security investigations, which gives her a valuable perspective on the tools and techniques used by online bad actors.

Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller

Investigations Department Manager, & licensed Private Investigator, IP Services, Inc.

Michael has over 15 years of experience in Brand Protection and Fraud Prevention. At IP Services Michael researches suspect transactions across different e-commerce platforms. As a Licensed Investigator, Michael has been instrumental in understanding the complexities of fraud prevention, helping clients develop and implement brand protections strategies.

Blog: Why intelligence and investigations are key to an integrated Brand Protection approach

Intelligence and investigations are core tools in your arsenal to root out high-value targets and take down network operators both online and offline.

This first piece in our two-part series explores the key themes from the webinar with insights and key quotes from our panel. We discuss the nuances of targeting individual bad actors versus networks and share tips on intelligence gathering techniques to provide insight into how you can see greater Brand Protection ROI through online and offline investigations.

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Blog: Why intelligence and investigations are key to an integrated Brand Protection approach


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