Webinar: Staying ahead of evolving counterfeiting behavior

Counterfeiters and their networks are constantly changing to try to stay ahead of enforcement efforts as well as take advantage of emerging channels and broader market dynamics. They are agile and by operating at speed can quickly replace routes to market that are blocked to continue their illegitimate activities. To respond effectively, brands need to understand the ever-changing tactics counterfeiters’ adopt. 

Webinar agenda

  • The latest methods infringers adopt to try and avoid detection
  • How infringers operate as networks, and how to stop them at scale
  • Why brands need to broaden their focus across geographies


Marilyn Krige headshot

Marilyn Krige

Senior Global Brand Protection Counsel Anti-Counterfeiting, Reckitt Benckiser

Marilyn has had a career of over 20 years in brand enforcement. She has experience in working in multiple jurisdictions, identifying the source of infringements, and taking action to shut down their supply chain and destroy the factories.

Phil headshot

Phil Lewis

Director General, Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)

Phil has been engaged in IP enforcement since 2001, with roles including: UK Senior Policy Advisor on Intellectual Property Crime; UK IP enforcement representative at G8 level; chair of the United Nations Advisory Group (UNECE) on IP protection and enforcement; and adviser to the Interpol Action Group.

Katerina Vlachou headshot


Brand Protection Team Leader, Incopro

Over the past two and a half years of being with Incopro, Katerina has worked closely with multiple brands operating in different industries, such as pharma, fashion and mobile game apps. During this time, she has specialized in regulatory enforcement

Phoebe Fan headshot

Phoebe Fan

Brand Protection Analyst

Phoebe helps multinational brands with tackling online infringement activities and improving platform compliance, and has developed vast experience in working with both global and territory-specific e-commerce and social media platforms.

Staying one step ahead of evolving infringer behavior

Infringers continue to exploit new technology and changes in consumer behavior. They are agile, react swiftly to enforcement efforts, utilize emerging platforms, and operate large global networks.

We discuss the key themes from the webinar, highlighting the new tactics being employed by infringers before setting out how you can adapt to stop them at scale.

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Staying one step ahead of evolving infringer behavior


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