Webinar: Protecting Consumers & Brands Online in the COVID-19 Crisis

Incopro and Entertainment One share insights and practical solutions on how Brand Protection can provide maximum value – protecting consumers & businesses – at a time when online is the only channel.

Webinar agenda:

  • Lessons from protecting a global brand – what is the Entertainment One experience of COVID-19
  • How consumer behavior & key ecommerce trends are changing
  • How threats to consumers & brands are evolving & increasing
  • How to adapt strategies in light of COVID-19


Niall Trainor, Senior Director, Brand Protection, for the Family & Brands team at Entertainment One

Niall manages teams in London and Shanghai, dealing with copyright and trademark infringements globally, both online and offline. In particular, he focuses on the Peppa Pig and PJ Masks brands. Entertainment One were recently nominated for the Sports, Media & Entertainment Team of the year for the 2020 WTR Awards.

Piers Barclay, Chief Strategy Officer at Incopro

Piers is responsible for ensuring that Incopro delivers value to customers in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Prior to join the Incopro, he advised a wide range of tech businesses as a strategy consultant with Credo Business Consulting.

Annie Wood, Senior Customer Success Manager at Incopro

Annie is a solutions-oriented Senior Customer Success Manager at Incopro. She has extensive Brand Protection experience, working with global brands across multiple sectors including software, apparel, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Annie has also worked for business intelligence vendors and knows the value of good reporting.

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