Self-serve software or fully managed services

Self-serve software: turbocharge your team

We know many brands already have teams combating infringement and don’t need a managed service. Using our technologies as self-serve software can truly turbocharge the effectiveness of your team. The Incopro platform prioritises the most critical business issues so your team knows where to focus their attention, reducing internal resource requirements and maximising impact.

Our products are intuitive and easy to use, offering customisable reporting and the ability to track all enforcement activities. We offer full training for your team so that they can start delivering results, fast.

Fully managed service: more than enforcement

Incopro’s team of legally trained, multilingual analysts can provide you with the skill and IP expertise to realise maximum value from our technology; they understand data and how it drives your strategy.

Fluent in over 20 languages, our analysts use Incopro’s systems to not just enforce at scale, but also to provide the strategic insight that you need to defend your brand online.

Our analyst teams are based in the UK, China and USA offering local-time support and service.

Masters of our technology

Our analysts are the best in the business at harnessing the power of Incopro’s technology and using data to deliver true insight and impact. This includes:

  • Online Brand Protection – Uncovering IP infringements, enforcing at scale in line with your strategy, and delivering detailed intelligence
  • Content Protection Intelligence – Tracking infringing websites and identifying key dynamics in the ever-evolving landscape of pirated content
  • Site Blocking Intelligence – Selecting the key targets for blocking to deliver maximum impact and delivering the intelligence to make your actions successful
  • Advertising Monitoring – Identifying where your ads are shown in undesirable locations and delivering intelligence to help you take action

What our clients think of the service we provide

"The Talisman software is the best brand protection product out there because the monitoring, enforcement, and email communication can all be done within the same program"

Senior Legal Counsel, Trade Marks, Film & Media company

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