Site blocking efficacy - Key findings Australia

Overall usage of piracy sites in Australia is down

Site blocking in Australia has had a positive impact upon the usage of blocked piracy sites, reducing the usage in Australia of the websites targeted by the blocking orders by 53.4% since December 2016, when the blocking regime began.

The key points from this report are as follows:

  • Site blocking in Australia has resulted in a usage reduction of 53.4% to blocked sites when comparing usage recorded in November 2017 to before blocking took effect. Usage has decreased for each blocking wave implemented in the country;
  • The usage of the top 50 piracy sites in Australia has decreased by 35.1% since October 2016. This is 25.5% further than the 10.6% in the previous report. The impact of the two August 2017 blocking injunctions is the driving force behind these changes;
  • The graph below summarises the findings of this report and shows the change in usage for the top 250 unauthorised sites1 in Australia over the recorded period of October 2016 to November 2017. The blocked sites have decreased in usage by a total of 53.4%. Overall usage of the top 250 unauthorised sites has decreased by 25.4% in Australia.

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