Forrester ‘Total Economic Impact’ study

  • Date 9 May 2019
  • Client INCOPRO
  • Country United Kingdom
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Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact of Online Brand Protection

What are the financial and tangible benefits that Online Brand Protection can provide to your brand? Incopro commissioned technology consultancy Forrester to conduct an independent study, working with our clients to provide tangible data on an area that has proven hard to measure.

Based on the diverse companies that were interviewed, Forrester created a composite organisation to represent their findings. The key findings included:

  • 305% ROI over the course of the contract
  • A payback of their investment after 3.1 months
  • A direct correlation with revenue increase
  • Increased legal and business intelligence capabilities
  • Incremental compensation for successful litigations

For full insights into the impact Online Brand Protection can provide your business, download the full study.

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