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Talisman, Incopro’s online brand protection platform is revolutionising the way that businesses protect their brand and the ecommerce experience for their customers.

Now, rather than costly and inefficient manual searches, our online brand protection platform can scrape the internet for brand infringement and IP infringement and present the information that presents the biggest threats to your brand, so you are able to act efficiently, ensuring you don’t suffer loss of revenue, reputation or customer trust.

Customers have expectations when they purchase goods online, and it is the brand’s responsibility to provide them with the experience they expect. Recent Incopro research showed that 66% of respondents who had purchased a counterfeit good within the last 12 months lost trust in the brand.

Data-driven brand protection software

Talisman, our online brand protection software is the frontline defence in your fight against infringers. It finds, prioritizes and eliminates online brand infringement and IP infringement. Effective online brand protection can prevent:

  • Lost sales,
  • Brand dilution,
  • Brand abuse,
  • Loss of exclusivity and
  • Damage to your business reputation.

A global approach to protecting your brand online

Talisman scours the internet using machine learning to uncover damaging threats to your brand.

Find brand infringement on marketplaces, social media, websites, 3D printing sites, app stores, mobile apps and paid search.

Identify infringements in over 20 languages and unearth threats in images using industry-leading image detection technology.

With leading online brand protection, over 95% of all IP infringements are taken down without any further escalation action required.

Clustering intelligence for IP infringement

Clustering is the technique of utilising over 20 different data points and automatically connecting infringements to one another across platforms and other channels to uncover counterfeit networks. This reveals the size and scale of the issue and once identified allows for enforcements at scale to eradicate at once, allowing you to protect your brand effectively.

A brand protection solution for all sectors

Every business in every sector, from SMEs to global leaders, needs to protect their brand online. We work with some of the world’s leading brands across all industries, including:

  • Fashion & Luxury Goods
  • Sports
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Consumer Goods
  • Technology & Software
  • Industrial & Automotive
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Online retailers & Marketplaces
  • Food & Beverages

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What our clients say about Talisman

"Talisman is a top notch system for online anti-counterfeiting. I checked out other systems and Talisman is the best. I don't give praise often but here it is well deserved."

Director of Intellectual Property & Assistant General Counsel, Multinational Toy Manufacturer