Site Blocking Intelligence

Deep intelligence to drive effective action

Incopro’s Site Blocking Intelligence technology monitors the infrastructure of websites that have been targeted for blocking by ISPs. It monitors and alerts in the event of changes that could lead to over-blocking or under-blocking. Site blocking is a highly cost-effective alternative to expensive and often ineffective litigation.

Site blocking combined with monitoring capabilities often result in a reduction in usage of over 75%; our technology gives you the intelligence to deliver real impact from your site-blocking strategy.

How it works

Research shows that site blocking can lead to a 6% increase in visits to paid legal streaming sites like Netflix and a 10% increase in videos viewed on legal ad-supported streaming sites.

We can help you select the best targets for blocking, and once blocked, we’ll monitor sites to ensure:

  • all relevant domains/sub-domains and IP addresses are covered
  • new domains and proxies are discovered post-block
  • other non-infringing web locations aren’t blocked.

Our system gives you the tools to effectively target your site-blocking programme and ensure it delivers real impact.

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