Advertising Monitoring

Advertising monitoring service targeting browser profiles

Digital advertising campaigns are designed to help build brand awareness and trust, but what if they are actually causing damage? If your advertisements are appearing on illicit or pirated sites this can have serious implications, especially for brands within certain highly regulated industries.

Beyond regulations a recent study found that 37% of consumers lose trust in brands that advertise alongside objectionable content, whilst over 10% will actively boycott them.

Online Brand Monitoring Technology

Gaining visibility over your operations is too complex to accomplish effectively without technology. Incopro’s ad monitoring solution utilises a database containing over 20,000 sites that contain or promote illicit, pirated & fraudulent material, then deploys targeted browser profiles that mimics the behaviour of our clients’ audience using any parameters that result in the premium ads being delivered.

Once ads on these sites are discovered you will be provided with time-stamped screenshots from the webpage where the advertisement appeared so you are armed with the information and evidence to inform your agency and take remedial action.

You can request more information about Incopro’s ad-monitoring technology in the link below, or contact us to connect with an expert from our team.

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