Our Company

Since 2012, Incopro has provided cutting edge protection against online intellectual property theft. Our founding team’s backgrounds combine expertise in legal, technology and criminal intelligence to drive our unique approach to protecting your brand.

We protect your brand against online infringement through a comprehensive technology package to track down the perpetrators anywhere on the internet and stop them in their tracks.

Incopro delivers a truly global approach to enforcing your IP rights across all digital platforms, in any language.

Incopro has offices in London, Wales, the United States and China and employs over 120 people.

Milestones through the years


The idea for Incopro was hatched over a coffee in London

Co-founders Simon Baggs (CEO) and Bret Boivin (CTO) had years of experience in IP protection online and were passionate in furthering this. They realised the ‘bad guys’ were winning the battle online and recognised the role technology could play in addressing this, helping businesses succeed online and protecting their rights.

Incopro was incorporated and work on Incopro’s content protection technology started.

A year of research, experimentation, and hard work followed, auditing the landscape and determining where there was a gap in the marketplace. At the end Incopro launched and licensed our first technology product.

Incopro further develops site blocking, pioneering a new path in the industry.

Having helped film and music companies develop evidence for site blocking, Incopro was asked to give expert evidence in the landmark Cartier case – to establish that websites infringing trademarks could be blocked by Internet Service Providers.

Incopro launches Talisman online brand protection.

Following two years of development, Incopro launched our brand protection technology, aimed at finding, prioritising and eliminating brand infringement online. Our customer base grew quickly as we delivered results and brands were attracted to a more intelligent approach to the brand infringement problem.

Incopro crosses the Atlantic and ventures into America.

Following a strategic partnership with Corsearch, Incopro commenced operations in America and quickly built a substantial presence, operating on both the East and West Coast.

Incopro expands into China.

Having further developed our technology and operations, we incorporated in China, setting up an office in Shanghai, with a particular focus on building platform relationships and servicing offline enforcement strategies.

Incopro raises $21m to further accelerate expansion and technology development.

With the growth of the business accelerating, Incopro has raised $21m to ensure that the company continues to grow and offer the best service to its customers.