October 2019 Product Update

The latest Incopro product update helps customers make the internet better for business and their consumers by introducing several new capabilities aimed at increasing both the breadth and depth of intelligence gathered across the internet. Some of the new features include social media ad monitoring, enforcement probability scoring, optical character recognition (OCR), enhanced workflow functions, and more.

Infringement monitoring

Lookalike product detection

Talisman can now automatically identify lookalike (knock-off) items that are potentially infringing design rights or other intellectual property. This is accomplished by analysing image factors such as item shape, texture, and colour. This extends Incopro’s industry-leading imaging capability to now discover infringement even if your brand logo or copyrighted images aren’t included or are hidden from view. This functionality is currently available in pilot and opt-in only. Contact your customer success manager to join the pilot programme.

OCR generally available

Infringers are increasingly relying on text-in-image advertising, especially on social media. To stay ahead of these current trends, we have introduced OCR functionality that will analyse listings found in Talisman and extract the text in captured images into plain text fields, allowing Talisman to apply risks rule relevancy and send notices to take them down, increasing your reach and impact. Following the optical character recognition (OCR) pilot programme, OCR is now available as a paid add-on for all customers. Contact your customer success manager if you would like to learn more.

Social media ad monitoring

Bad actors are increasingly using social media to target consumers with advertisements meant to sell infringing products or trick them into fraudulent schemes, so we’ve created a new module to track relevant advertisements on popular social platforms. This functionality is currently available in pilot via opt-in. Contact your customer success manager to join the pilot programme.

Enforcement workflow and user experience

Enforcement probability scoring

Talisman uses risk rules to prioritize infringements it discovers based on factors, such as the history of the seller, the phrases found in the listing, or other attributes of a listing. Talisman then uses risk rules to determine whether the item’s risk to your brand is high, medium, low, or irrelevant. You or your analyst team will then apply the right amount of effort based on the risk designation. To complement this risk rules engine, we’ve introduced a new machine-learning model that analyses previously enforced items and determines the probability that you will want to enforce a newly found listing. This allows users to zoom in on the items similar to those you have previously enforced against, increasing the effectiveness of your enforcement activity.

File manager and notes

To improve user workflow, we’ve introduced functionality to upload attachments and make notes against listings. The file manager allows users to import relevant files (test purchase reports, seizure, raid, or surveillance records, court papers) into case management, to track a more complete picture of an enforcement action or investigation. Users can also now add notes and comments to each listing, increasing collaboration between users or between your brand and analyst teams.

Test purchases generally available

To help you connect online and offline intelligence, we’ve introduced a Test Purchase button within each marketplace listing, allowing you to request that the item be purchased. Our worldwide network of investigation partners will then provide test purchase reports, for information or to an evidential standard, to assist with evidence-gathering, product verification, or investigation. Following the test purchase pilot programme, this feature is now generally available and can be found as a button on each listing.  You can also now upload the reports to specific cases using the new file manager capability which can be found in the Data Management section