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Three Strikes and Out - Incopro Study

Three Strikes and Out: How E-commerce Marketplaces Can Protect Consumers from Repeat Breachers

Incopro’s white paper provides brands, e-commerce platforms and legislators with data on the proportion of repeat infringements undertaken by the same sellers, who use key global online marketplaces and social media platforms to infringe intellectual property. Learn how platforms can protect brands and consumers can by implementing strong seller verification and a 'three-strikes-and-out' policy.

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  • Who are Incopro?

    Since Incopro began in 2012, we’ve been working to make the Internet a better place for businesses and their consumers. We believe that by coming together to fight back against the counterfeiters and infringers, legitimate businesses can turn the tide and protect their organizations and the consumers they serve.

    Our company has experts in a wide range of anti-counterfeiting and IP related topics, including for multiple industries. If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch.

    Who are Incopro?
  • Talisman finds 25 million potential infringements weekly

  • We currently protect over 750 brands around the world

  • The Incopro team is full of IP, anti-counterfeiting and legal experts

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Most Online Counterfeit Goods May Be Coming From the Same 3 Percent of Sellers | Cheddar News

Most Online Counterfeit Goods May Be Coming From the Same 3 Percent of Sellers | Cheddar News

Though online marketplaces like Amazon may have helped make shopping easier, it can often be…

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1 In 5 Fake Ecommerce Listings Come From 3% Of Sellers | MediaPost

1 In 5 Fake Ecommerce Listings Come From 3% Of Sellers | MediaPost

If a rising tide lifts all boats, that must also apply to counterfeit products on…

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Webinar: The counterfeit surge and how to avoid it | Vogue Business

Webinar: The counterfeit surge and how to avoid it | Vogue Business

The footwear and clothing industries remain the most impacted by counterfeiting across the globe, making…

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1 in 5 Fake Ecommerce Listings Come from 3% of Illicit Sellers Whose Removal Could Prevent $78B in Annual Losses for Brands and Public: Incopro Study

Study finds that infringements could be reduced by up to 24% with a ‘three strikes’ ban that stops aggressive repeat offenders across major online marketplaces and social sites  April 22, 2021, LONDON and LOS ANGELES — A new study released today by online brand protection software provider, Incopro, has found that…

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2 out of 3 Consumers Believe That Brands are Responsible for Protecting Them from Fake Products and Misleading Marketing Content, According to Incopro Survey

Research findings support that protecting brand authenticity is becoming a critical element of consumer engagement December 16, 2020, LOS ANGELES and LONDON — A new consumer survey released today by online brand protection software provider, Incopro, delves into shopper perspectives on the role that brand authenticity plays in…

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Acamar signs Incopro to help protect Bing’s intellectual property

London, 2 November 2020. Acamar Films has partnered with leading brand protection experts Incopro to ensure the safety of Bing products & live events and safeguard the trust of consumers. With the significant acceleration of the Bing licensing programme over the past 18 months, Acamar has acted to support…

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Over 750 world-class brands trust Incopro

Latest Reports

Three Strikes and Out: How e-commerce platforms can protect consumers from repeat offenders

Incopro’s white paper provides real-world data on the volume of repeat infringement, the current approach by platforms, and how the issue could be tackled with robust seller verification and a ‘three strikes and out’ policy.

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Consumer Research: Why protecting your brand has become the new 5th ‘p’ of marketing

61% of consumers state that coming across a fake website would cause them to doubt or avoid a brand in the future. Download this consumer research to learn how to protect your brand’s authenticity online.

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The Definitive Guide to Advanced Brand Protection

Armed with the latest insights around Advanced Brand Protection, you can take on the counterfeiters, copycats, and other bad actors that are exploiting your consumers, eroding your revenues, and destroying trust in your brand online. Download the free ebook.

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