LXA The Law Firm

Incopro Legal Network member for the Netherlands

LXA The Law firm works for entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors and specializes copyright law, designs and models law, trade mark law and anti-counterfeiting.

Established in 2011, LXA has seen continued growth and now numbers over 40 dedicated professionals across offices in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Eindhoven. The firm works with entrepreneurs in:

  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Luxury brands
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Food & beverage
  • Design
  • IT/Technology

LXA’s IP team consists of 5 attorneys: 1 partner, 2 senior associates and 2 junior associates that combine more than 40 years of IP protection experience.

Pragmatic and proactive, LXA’s IP team ensures optimal protection and monetization of intellectual property rights. They specialize in IP litigation, ranging from civil and criminal court cases to administrative proceedings before the intellectual property agencies.

Their anti-counterfeit practice works together with experts, researchers, other attorneys and in-house legal departments worldwide. The team maintains close contacts with law enforcement including customs to ensure the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting action. LXA are active in the following international networks:, ILN, AIJA, ECTA, IACC and INTA.

Contact persons for the anti-counterfeit practice are Thomas Berendsen (Partner) and Gie van den Broek. Thomas Berendsen (partner) is Head of IP at LXA. He has a strong focus on trade mark, copyright, design law and patent law and a long-standing experience in matters regarding misleading and comparative advertising, and instances of false association.

Gie is LXA’s anti-counterfeiting specialist, with experience in negotiating settlements with infringers and a focus on IP litigation as a last resort.

Key contacts:

Thomas Berendsen, Partner & Head of IP





Gie van den Broek, Lawyer & Anti-counterfeiting Specialist