M&R Europe

Incopro Legal Network member for Italy

M&R Europe is a legal group of leading specialists passionately dedicated to bespoke solutions at the service of the creativity, innovation and growth of clients.

M&R Europe’s team fuses recognized expertise in all areas of intellectual property, information and communication technology, business and commerce with an equally acknowledged strength in strategizing, coordinating and implementing anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting campaigns, online and offline.

M&R Europe’s contentious and non-contentious practice focuses on copyright and brand protection; marketing and advertising; new media and technologies, advising clients on:

  • The design, funding, protection and exploitation of all types of digital products and content, such as web and mobile sites, apps, databases, VR and interactive content, adaptive technologies, blockchain systems;
  • Ecommerce and information society services solutions and platforms,
  • Online, interactive, native advertising and communications;
  • The acquisition, transfer, licensing of rights in digital products and content;
  • Anti-fraud, anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting campaigns, such as site blocking, de-indexing and anti-cybersquatting actions and actions for the protection of e-reputation;
  • Relations with public and industry sector regulators, such as telecommunications and data protection authorities, notably with regard to prospect changes in applicable rules or policies.

M&R Europe regularly advises Italian and foreign key industry players, including software houses, high-tech companies, fashion, luxury and design houses, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, publishers, music and film producers, media and information service providers, consumer goods companies, food and beverage businesses, industrial associations and operators in the banking, financial and energy sectors.

Key Contacts:


Stéphanie Rotelli, Partner

Stéphanie Rotelli, Partner at M&R Europe

Massimo Cozza, Partner

Massimo Cozza

Costantino Monteleone, Partner

Costantino Monteleone, Partner at M&R Europe