Global IP Exchange

Berlin | Germany | 11-13 Mar 2019

Incopro will be sponsoring the Global IP Exchange event held in Berlin, Germany on 11-13 March 2019.

Diverse topics around intellectual property will be discussed during the Global IP Exchange, with over 100 of the leading Heads of IP, Patent, Trademark and Brand Protection sharing views and new ideas. As an online brand protection technology company, Incopro would be pleased to contribute in the different debates around IP and technology, current IP industry trends and social media platforms.

Incopro’s solution delivers lasting reductions in infringement thanks to an advanced technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our unique clustering tool connects seemingly unaffiliated infringing entities to one another to uncover large criminal networks, thus highlighting the scale of a counterfeiting problem a brand faces. This allows for scalable enforcement to shut down entire illegal operations at once, rather than causing only minor inconvenience by taking down one listing at a time.

Co-founded by experts in Intellectual Property, criminal intelligence and technology, Incopro now protects some of the world’s largest brands and puts a focus on creating impact and change, not increasing vanity metrics.


Hermann Haage

Director of Sales

Amalia Ciccariello

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Advisor