Brand Protection in France: Incopro and ATurquoise Seminar

Brand Protection in France: Incopro and ATurquoise Seminar

Incopro and ATurquoise formally invite you to our seminar at Musee de la Contrefacon. Register to attend!

Incopro and ATurquoise would like to formally invite you to our joint seminar, ‘Brand Protection in France’.

About the event

We would like to formally invite you to our joint seminar being held on Thursday, 8 November at Musee de la Contrefacon in Paris. Join our discussion led by Simon Baggs, CEO at Incopro, Ted Shapiro, Partner at Wiggin and Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Head Attorney at ATurquoise to learn:

  • How to connect the dots between network intelligence and offline investigation
  • How to create a site-blocking strategy
  • How to bring together cutting-edge technology and local legal expertise



Our key speakers bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, having worked on some of the largest Intellectual Property cases as well as partnering with many of the world’s largest brands to help with their IP challenges.

About Incopro

Incopro is a brand protection company that is taking a new, innovative approach to the industry. Utilising leading edge technology, combined with IP and investigation expertise, they deliver effective and targeted protection to businesses looking to protect their IP assets online. Their brand protection system is guarding over 450 brands, including some of the largest global names, in a multitude of industries, tracking and assessing infringement issues across Marketplaces, Websites, Social Media, App Stores and more.

About ATurquoise

ATurquoise was founded in 2013 by Anne-Marie Pecoraro in order to provide adapted care and advice to its clients. They specialise in Intellectual Property and media law, and regularly intervene in international cases. The most prestigious legal directories and magazines have ranked them among the best law firms, particularly in the fields of Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), Music, Film and Intellectual Property. They also practice in various areas of national and international economic and business law. ATurquoise is based on an advanced knowledge of the latest technology and experience in the fight against counterfeiting and are a member of the Incopro Legal Network.

ATurquoise aims to help its clients achieve their ambitions through innovative solutions notably based on its cross-border experience in Europe, the US and China.


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