Global IP Exchange USA

Global IP Exchange USA

Incopro is sponsoring the Global IP USA Exchange. Arrange a one to one business meeting with our team!

Incopro is sponsoring the Global IP USA Exchange, held at the Barnsley Resort in Georgia, USA, on 6-7 December 2018.

We look forward to meeting the IP, patent, trademark and brand protection professionals.

About the event

Every business in any sector, from SMEs to global leaders, needs to protect their brand online. The Global IP USA Exchange tackles the IP department’s main challenges: the agenda includes panel discussions, debates, roundtables and networking sessions. An inspirational speaker panel will discuss best practices when it comes to monitoring counterfeiting online and managing brand protection both online and offline.

Our team would be glad to talk to you about how Incopro delivers offline and quantitative impact based on our advanced technology. We are proud to work with clients from all industries and countries, allowing us to develop a strong knowledge and network across different businesses.


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