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Talisman, Incopro’s online Brand Protection software, is revolutionizing the way that businesses protect their brand and the digital experience for their consumers.

Rather than costly and inefficient manual searches, you can instead scan the internet for infringements to identify the biggest threats to your brand and consumers. This allows you to act efficiently and with impact to ensure that you don’t suffer loss of revenue, reputation or consumer trust.

Brand abuse, e-commerce, and the internet at large is evolving. Incopro invests heavily into Talisman so that we stay one step ahead of these trends and are consistently the best-in-class Brand Protection software.

  • Regain online control

    Regain online control

    See a complete picture of online channels and what your consumers are exposed to.

  • Prioritize what matters

    Prioritize what matters

    Prioritize the biggest threats, enabling you to focus on what matters most to your brand.

  • Take a strategic approach

    Take a strategic approach

    Centralize and coordinate action, keeping everything under one roof.

Data-driven Brand Protection software

We use advanced technology including Network Analysis, optical character recognition (OCR), logo detection, and similar matching to help identify bad actors who would otherwise be missed. We focus on acting on the key risks that are most visible to consumers and most likely to divert revenue. We search strategically using product names, features and languages alongside images & OCR to capture the whole issue.


Enhanced by AI and machine learning, our online Brand Protection software, Talisman is the frontline defense in your fight against bad actors. Its comprehensive data collection mimics how and where consumers find and interact with your brand online, giving you complete visibility over the scale and nature of the threats you face across:

  • Marketplaces
  • Paid search advertising
  • Social media & social media advertising
  • Websites
  • App stores
  • 3D printing sites

Make a lasting impact with real business outcomes

By targeting the largest threats to your brand, our online Brand Protection software is able to:

  • Convert ecommerce sales and deliver real ROI
  • Prevent brand dilution, reputation damage and the loss of exclusivity
  • Protect consumer trust and relationships
  • Prevent well-intentioned consumers from purchasing infringing products

A global approach to protecting your brand online

Talisman scours the internet using brand images, keywords and OCR technology fueled by machine learning to uncover the most damaging threats to your brand.

Talisman finds bad actors wherever they operate; infringements in any language can be Found, Prioritized and Acted on across regional and global platforms.

Actionable reporting, analytics & tracking suite

Actionable reporting, analytics & tracking suite

Incopro offers access to real-time, configurable reporting of metrics that matter to you, alongside global trend intelligence that can support internal decision making and drive broader business success.

The Talisman dashboard is fully customizable, enabling you to focus on specific data-points most relevant to your brand such as high-risk issues, problematic platforms and channels, and threats by region.

Case management and notice history ensure that you to see a full picture of ongoing enforcement action and repeat infringers, with the option to escalate with the platforms involved.

Incopro Analysts

Incopro Analysts

Incopro’s analysts are experts in using Talisman to Find, Prioritize, and Act on infringement to your brand. Their shared experience across different industries and multiple regions allows them to act efficiently and effectively on your brand’s behalf, prioritizing the large-scale infringers to deliver ROI in addition to a meaningful reduction in infringement.

Meet the analysts
“Talisman is a top-notch system for online anti-counterfeiting. I checked out other systems and Talisman is the best. I don’t give praise often but here it is well deserved.”
Director of Intellectual Property & Assistant General Counsel, Multinational Toy Manufacturer

Our Brand Protection solutions

We’ve evolved Brand Protection to strengthen your entire organization – efficiently, effectively and longer.

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“Talisman has enabled us to fight back and achieve the removal of a high number of illegal websites and counterfeit products. Violators can also be dealt with in an instant using the user-friendly reporting system. I recommend this product for every internet company.”
Doug Mackay, Managing Director, Leading Edge Health

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