Incopro Legal Network & Partnerships

Incopro works with a wide network of law firms and partners around the world, ensuring that our customers have access to local knowledge and regional expertise.

The Incopro Legal Network (ILN) is an international group of trusted legal partners and experts who are market leaders in their territories in online rights protection. This Network provides access to legal expertise to meet the evolving challenges of online and offline IP infringement.

As part of this unique offering, the ILN is adept at delivering key services such as:

  • Civil recovery/damages
  • Stock seizures
  • Domain recovery

The ILN’s recommendations and insights are fueled by key data collected on infringer networks from Talisman, our online brand protection technology. The network is consulted when building new Talisman features to ensure enforcement is effective across all platforms and jurisdictions.

Global Coverage

The ILN law firms are market leaders in online rights protection in their territories. The network currently covers the following countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. Incopro is actively seeking new network partners in other jurisdictions.

Current members of the Incopro Legal Network are listed below:


Our partners use Incopro’s technology and expert analysts to discover, prioritize and act on IP infringements in a targeted way, ensuring their customers’ are protected.

Some of the leading names in IP have chosen Incopro as their online brand protection technology provider, including:

Online & offline: a one-stop shop for brand protection

Through our partners, Incopro can offer a one-stop shop for your online & offline IP requirements – from investigations to litigation.

Beyond law firms, we also partner with leading offline investigation agencies. This provides our customers with the ability to investigate and close the premises of illegal operations they discover that are infringing on their IP.

Through the Incopro Legal Network, we can provide referrals to local legal advisors across many geographies, ensuring that our service can provide a truly global solution.

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