Network Analysis

Network Analysis uncovers hidden online and offline connections between infringements to give you full visibility of the scale and complexity of the networks that undermine your brands and harm your consumers.

Act on the biggest threats to your brand and consumers

Not all infringers pose the same risk. The biggest threats to your brands are often network-level operators that are structured like agile multinational businesses. They reach your consumers across countless territories and online channels to hijack your brand, divert revenue, and destroy trust. These networks cannot be dealt with using a traditional take down approach.

Network Analysis is a core module of Incopro’s Brand Protection platform Talisman that powers a strategic approach to tackling networks. By connecting infringing entities across channels such as websites, marketplaces, and social media – and matching them against online and offline identifiers – Network Analysis gives you full visibility of the risks to your brands, prioritizes them by threat level, and provides you with the insights to act on them at scale.


With finite time resources, businesses must take data-led decisions to prioritize the infringers that they pursue.

  • Identify high-value targets

    Identify high-value targets

    The capability enables your business to identify and connect high-value targets, and to reveal the perpetrators that sit at the heart of these operations.

  • Act at network-level

    Act at network-level

    Instead of tactical, low-impact takedowns, remove entire networks of bad actors to ensure a lasting reduction in infringement.

  • See Brand Protection ROI

    See Brand Protection ROI

    By removing entire networks of infringers that are most likely to be impacting your consumers and revenues, businesses see greater Brand Protection ROI.

Talisman monitors digital activity and relationships

Talisman’s Network Analysis module allows you to Find, Prioritize, and Act against bad actor networks. Through Network Analysis, we:

  • Monitor infringers’ digital activity – Talisman detects the digital footprints left behind by networks, despite best efforts by the operators to cover their tracks.
  • Connect the data from all sources – Talisman makes more connections between entities in the network (such as social media pages, marketplace listings, and e-commerce websites), bringing the right data together to build a true picture of the size and reach of a network.
  • Detect similar activity and relationships – Our platform exposes the network’s scale and predicts future behavior. By training Talisman using machine learning, we stay ahead of infringers and stop new threats emerging.

Our Brand Protection experts monitor the networks in the Talisman dashboard, prioritize networks based on the level of threat posed to the brand, and then determine the action that should take place both online and offline.

Scouring all data sources

The more data gathered, the better the understanding of the networks and the key perpetrators residing at their core. We scour global, local, and emerging data sources, including:

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Marketplaces
  • Paid search
  • App stores
  • 3D printing sites

Make more connections

Alongside infringement information, we collect and link many types of online and offline identifiers from these sources, such as:

  • Seller aliases
  • Item location
  • Seller premises
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses

This enables us to build a complete picture by connecting all parts of the network and locating the origin of infringement.


On behalf of a leading sports licensor, we identified and connected a network together from the starting point of a single Instagram account promoting counterfeit goods. After Talisman identified the full network – containing over 530 social media accounts, 14,140 infringing URLs, and over 7,000 marketplace listings – we used the platform to successfully enforce against the entire operation within 24 hours.

This comprehensive action cleaned up marketplaces and social media platforms, ensuring genuine licensees could regain online market share and put a stop to the erosion of revenues on their digital channels.


Edit and connect networks

The Network Analysis module enables you to edit networks within Talisman, with the ability to include additional entities from an external dataset. This allows you to include historical data and merge online and offline sources.

Talisman also detects entities that are shared between networks, linking them within the user interface to showcase the full scale of an operation. This is critical for taking down larger networks that rapidly switch promotion efforts once detected.

The capability to connect networks also expediates their removal, facilitating swift action at scale against connected entities across multiple territories instead of engaging in tactical takedowns and playing catchup.

Prioritize and remove networks

Talisman prioritization algorithms indicate which networks pose the greatest threat to your brand, allowing you to focus your efforts and generate maximum impact. This threat level is informed by factors such as web rankings, visibility to consumers, and whether marketplace sellers are authorized by platforms.

Our platform then prioritizes entities that are relevant to your brand within a network – removing any noise and allowing efficient and swift analysis.

Once we have full visibility of all entities and can link to the individuals running the operation, we enforce at scale instead of employing peripheral takedown techniques used by other vendors. By addressing the source of the issue, we ensure long-lasting results for brands.

Networks evolve over time

Networks are known to evolve very rapidly to counteract enforcement efforts by other Brand Protection vendors and are adept in shrugging off ad-hoc takedowns. Utilizing a number of different domains, accounts, and listings, bad actors react quickly to channels that are closed down – they are quickly replaced, and the infringement activity continues.

When tackling networks, it is critical to enforce at scale against all entities and take down the perpetrators hiding at their core.

“Because Network Analysis technology enables us to identify the top targets, we maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.”
Director of Intellectual Property & Assistant General Counsel, Multinational Toy Manufacturer

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Brand abuse, e-commerce, and the internet at large is evolving. Our Network Analysis capability ensures that can we tackle the high-risk threats, connecting all entities within a network before taking swift action at scale. Learn how our Brand Protection solutions can strengthen your entire organization in the face of ever-changing, sophisticated bad actors.


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