Global Reach

Global approach

Brand protection is not an issue that can be siloed into regions. In the era of digital, it needs to be approached with a global mindset.

We see clients who only have operations in Europe being infringed in Asia and others with operations in North America having issues in Europe… and so on and so forth…

Incopro provides global brand protection services, ensuring 24/7 monitoring of the problem and providing local expertise into hot spot regions to protect our customers comprehensively.

With offices in the United States, United Kingdom and China and experts based in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, Incopro ensures our customers receive a complete, seamless service.

International brand protection

Regional expertise within our team provides valuable insights for our clients, these include:

  • Local language nuances – These can be critical for identifying illegitimate products on platforms.
  • Local knowledge – Knowing the nuances of IP law and buying habits of consumers within each country is critical. Other regional nuances include how bad actors combine the use of marketplaces, social media and payment methods.
  • Threats – New marketplaces are emerging in different regions and attempting to assert themselves as the dominant player in that area. Our analysts have the local knowledge to be aware of these.
  • Platform Relationships – Having offices and analysts around the world means that Incopro has developed relationships with critical players in those areas for some of the most significant online platforms. These relationships help us to enact change and make these platforms more brand-friendly.