Advanced Image Capabilities

Incopro’s keyword searching capabilities are supplemented with market-leading OCR, Logo Detection, and Similarity Matching technology to enable you to Find and Prioritize the high-risk threats that are harming your brands and consumers.

Stay ahead of evolving infringer behavior

With over 500+ platforms covered worldwide, Advanced Image Capabilities sit as a core pillar of Talisman’s proprietary data collection framework​.

Infringers and copycats have evolved behavior to avoid traditional detection techniques; Incopro’s Image Capabilities are one step ahead, enabling you to Find, Prioritize, and Act against these threats at scale.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Infringers often embed text into images to avoid keyword detection.

OCR technology allows Talisman to detect these infringements and extract the text from the image, collecting all data from the page or listing.

This feeds into Talisman’s prioritization tools, allowing you to focus on the high-priority threats that most impact your brand.

Logo Detection

Use of a logo without explicitly stating the brand name in the text is a behavior deployed by bad actors to hide their activity.

Talisman uses machine learning based image classification to identify the use of logos within an image.

Infringers use distorted logos to avoid detection while still being recognizable to consumers. Logo Detection enables you to detect infringements where logos have been obscured or adjusted.

Similarity Matching

Infringers have recognized that the use of brand names, trademarks, or copyright imagery will often result in swift enforcement from brands. Exact images, such as those taken from a product catalog on a website and used without permission, are easily detected.

Now, infringers create lookalike products that avoid abusing trademarks or copyright imagery in attempt to avoid detection.

Talisman’s Similarity Matching capability enables you to identify and match these lookalike products based on images which represent the design of the product.


new potential threats scraped every day

We support thousands of keyword and image searches every day across our customers. We collect millions of rows of data about new infringements which uncover threats to brands. These threats are analyzed by our different prioritization algorithms to help you uncover and act at scale against issues that matter.


new images processed every day

We have a range of matching algorithms that run against our scraped images. These image matching algorithms extract vital data and speed up review, saving significant human effort. If humans reviewed these images, at an average speed of 1 image every 5 seconds, it would take 260 days to review all the images collected in one day.

“With Incopro we are able to extensively scrape websites, marketplaces and social networks far deeper than can be done manually. We can now locate counterfeit products we did not even know existed.”

Doug Mackay, Managing Director, Leading Edge Health

Our Brand Protection solutions

Brand abuse, e-commerce, and the internet at large is evolving. Our advanced imaging capability ensures that we pick up emerging activity that other technology solutions may miss. Learn how our Brand Protection solutions can strengthen your entire organization in the face of online threats and allow you to respond to changing consumer buying behaviors.

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    Take back control with effective and efficient protection for your brands, both online and offline

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  • Revenue Protection

    Prevent consumers from being led astray by copycats and infringers and protect your rightful e-commerce revenues

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  • Channel Protection

    Maintain visibility and keep control of even the most complex channels and distribution networks

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  • Trust Protection

    Stop fake websites and impostor products from undermining consumer trust in your brands

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