Counterfeit products are destroying brand value

Counterfeit goods are saturating markets, but how does that impact brand reputation? Find out by downloading our report.

Counterfeit products are on the rise and this can have serious implications on brand value and reputation.

As consumers turn towards online marketplaces, more and more brands that sell online are needing to be increasingly vigilant about their intellectual property and mindful of the threat of counterfeit products being sold online.

In our new report: “Counterfeit products are endemic – and it’s damaging brand value”, we uncover the latest statistics and opinions of 1000 UK consumers to find out how brands are being impacted by counterfeit selling.

This independent research reveals the impact that counterfeiting is having on brands and the retail industry, by revealing:

  • Consumer buying habits and perceptions of counterfeit goods
  • The impact of counterfeit goods on brand image
  • The cost of counterfeiting


Download the report here