Fast Moving Consumer Goods Case Study

The Challenge

Incopro analysts worked with a global FMCG client experiencing a high level of counterfeiting for one of their products across a number of e-commerce platforms. Incopro committed to reducing their problem by 75% within the first 3 months.

The Solution

In order to tackle this online infringement Incopro focused on two key aspects to reduce the problem:

  1. Large sellers to reduce volume and visibility of counterfeit product (these are the sellers with large stock, active sales, and large amount of listings)
  2. Removing stores of re-offending sellers to prevent the re-listing of the infringing items in the future

For example, a seller was using the “Ali Express” marketplace to offer over 240,000 units of the product. The Alibaba seller was removed from the marketplace entirely by sending multiple automated notices to the platform and after direct contact with the platform from our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking analysts. Similarly, an eBay marketplace seller was identified who had already sold over 600 infringing units and had many more listings for the product available for purchase. Incopro immediately removed all infringing listings for this seller from eBay.

The Product

Using our Talisman system and expert analysts our pre-agreed enforcement target was by far exceeded with 86% of the counterfeit product being removed from the top 5 problematic marketplaces within the first 3 months.

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