June 2019 Product Update

The latest Incopro product update helps customers make the internet better for business by introducing test purchasing, optical character recognition (OCR), monitoring of social media users and seller information, soft notice templates, and more.

Infringement monitoring

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Infringers are increasingly relying on text-in-image advertising, especially on social media. To stay ahead of these current trends, we have introduced OCR functionality that will analyse listings found in Talisman and parse the text in captured images into plain text fields, allowing Talisman to apply risks rule relevancy and send notices to take them down, increasing your reach and impact. This functionality is currently in pilot and opt-in only. Contact your customer success manager to join the pilot programme.


Advanced risk rules

To allow you to focus on the highest-risk items for your business, we’re consistently improving our rules engine, improving the algorithm that determines risk and relevancy. This release adds the ability to factor in seller history and indicative country of the listing, allowing you to increase or decrease risk based on location and repeat infringer status. Additionally, lists of terms can more easily be incorporated in AND or OR clauses in risk rules, for further targeted accuracy.

Social media users and marketplace seller information

To increase the intelligence we provide around infringer identity, we’ve introduced a users section in the social media module. This allows you to monitor social media accounts and usernames in addition to posts. We’ve also included data on seller information for marketplaces to help pinpoint repeat offenders and target infringement at its source. These additional data points also feed into our clustering capability.


Bulk processing improvements

We’ve significantly improved the capability to mass-manipulate infringement data by adding functionality to bulk import images and bulk update listing tags, increasing data visibility, allowing you to focus on targeted enforcement.

Enforcement workflow and user experience

Test purchases in Talisman

To help you connect online to offline, we’ve introduced a Test Purchase button within each marketplace listing, allowing you to request that the item be test purchased. Our worldwide network of test purchase partners will then provide test purchase reports, for information or to an evidential standard, to assist with evidence-gathering, product verification or investigation. This feature is currently opt-in only and will be rolled out to all customers in a coming release. Contact your customer success manager if you wish to participate.

New soft notice capability

Talisman now includes the ability to send soft notices across social media and marketplaces, allowing users to take a more nuanced approach to enforcement. Instead of moving straight to a takedown notice to the selling platform, you can now send a warning notice to the seller, requesting the listing be removed or modified. This is especially useful for hashtag abuse, limited quantity listings, or compliance issues.

Analysis and reporting

Reporting Icon

Reporting Visualisation Preview

Reporting on enforcement activity is critical to measuring the return on investment of your online brand protection programme. This release introduces the ability to preview report widget types before adding them to your reports and dashboards, increasing ease of use and improving how you measure ROI.

Additional information

Two-factor Authentication Icon

Two-factor authentication

To increase system security, two-factor authentication will be mandated for all new user accounts. Existing users can opt-in to two-factor authentication now and it will be mandated for existing users in a coming release. Two-factor authentication will require users to authenticate their login via text, email, or authenticator app.