Why companies choose Incopro vs Mark Monitor

Counterfeiters are sophisticated operators, who constantly evolve and adapt to infringe on businesses’ IP. To effectively combat this, you need a vendor who can deliver technology and a strategy fit for 2019.

If your approach is the same as it was in 2017, you’re exposed to more risk, and this is where Incopro can help you protect your brand and customers.

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100% of our clients who previously used Mark Monitor would recommend Incopro to colleagues or peers

(according to results of a March 2019 survey)

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Are you seeing Results?

Is your online brand protection fit for purpose in 2019? The technology exists to make a meaningful and lasting impact, are you harnessing it?


Evolving Technology

Counterfeiters are moving at pace and anti-counterfeiting technology is developing rapidly. If your strategy is the same as it was in 2017, it’s outdated.

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Providing True Clustering

By connecting over 20 data points, our technology allows you to uncover large scale counterfeiting operations, without the manual labour.

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World Class Analysts

The majority of Incopro analysts come from a legal background and speak a combined total of 45 languages. Critical to deliver comprehensive brand protection.

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Proven Return on Investment

Leading technology consultancy Forrester showed Incopro clients get an ROI of 305% over their contract with payback within three months.

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Why brands prefer Incopro

Since partnering with Incopro, our clients who were previously with Mark Monitor have reported the following:

  • 83%

    Reported their team was more efficient with their work

  • 100%

    State they are better able to meet their business objectives

  • 100%

    Agreed that Incopro provided better support and service

  • 83%

    Reported that brand infringement has been significantly reduced

  • 100%

    Asserted that the advanced technology was important or very important in selecting Incopro

  • 100%

    Would recommend Incopro to a colleague or peer

What we offer?

Incopro’s brand protection can be broken down into five clear stages, ensuring comprehensive and effective results

What makes Incopro different?


Unrivalled technology

We invest heavily into ensuring our technology is leading the industry. This means that we are using the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sure your brand is protected from infringers online. The internet is evolving, ecommerce is evolving, counterfeiters are evolving and so is our technology.


Managed Account or self-serve

With Incopro you can have a managed account or use our technology in-house. Incopro analysts are based around the world and have capabilities in over 45 languages, whilst the majority also have law degrees or a legal background

“We experienced a 160% revenue increase in the first week, then 180% in the following week. Overall, we saw 130% growth in the year to September (before the growth rate was only 30%) – so there was a huge impact”

Head of trademarks and copyright, toy manufacturer

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Comprehensive offline capabilities

Online brand protection is a vital component of any brand protection strategy, but for some it needs to be partnered with offline capabilities. Incopro has a network of partners in areas around the world who use our technology to close down counterfeiting operations.


We make it easy to switch

Incopro has a dedicated onboarding team to ensure your brands are set up and protected at a rapid pace. Our simple five-step onboarding process is tried and tested and lines up all new clients for success – whether self-serve or managed service.

What our clients say?

“Very easy and lots of support”

“My onboarding process was smooth – I got a lot of training and support”

“Our Onboarding Manager was easy to work with and helped us out a lot. I appreciate all of their efforts”

Over 600 brands rely on us to protect their IP and help them grow online, including: