UK and US Incopro reports show breadth of willful counterfeit purchasing | WTR

In a new report predicating the Christmas season, Incopro has highlighted the breadth of UK consumers’ disinterest in authentic brand purchases.

Nearly a fifth (19%) of Brits surveyed had purchased counterfeit goods in the past year, with over a quarter (28%) admitting they would consider buying fake watches, footwear, clothing, handbags/purses and jewellery from online retailers. Of those that had made illegal purchases, over a third (36%) had done so more than four times in the past year. These figures are likely to be heightened during the Christmas season, with UK consumers wanting to buy gifts for multiple people at an affordable price. Intriguingly, these figures contrast with 28% of Brits saying they’re concerned about the counterfeit market’s links to organised crime. Incopro released the US and UK reports on the same day, providing a direct comparison of the two countries’ similar reactions. 22% of UK consumers were fooled into a counterfeit purchase, compared to 26% of Americans. Brand trust was lost by 49% of Britons after an unintentional counterfeit purchase, compared to 52% of US consumers. (JW)


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