For all law firms, establishing a robust method for a brand protection practice can prove challenging.

The types of brand infringement activities have been growing exponentially, especially when it comes to counterfeiting. Consequently, in our increasingly digital world, brands are being catalysed to purchase online brand protection solutions.

An integral part of a larger, more nebulous, and highly complex brand protection ecosystem, online solutions must work in tandem with a brand’s internal resources and their respective law firms. In turn, it’s paramount to emphasize the critical role that law firms play when it comes to brand protection, and to detail pragmatic approaches to establishing a successful legal practice.

Here at INCOPRO – a company that was originally founded by a law firm – we understand that legal firms are uniquely placed to deliver the combination of expert knowledge and strategic advice that all brands are seeking to protect their Intellectual Property (IP). Undoubtedly, law firms remain vital advisors to IP businesses, and have an essential role to play when it comes to coordinating the value chain for brands.

For this purpose, law firms would do well to follow these five steps to establish an optimal brand protection practice.

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