Brand Protection Services


  • Overview

    The most comprehensive and intelligent brand protection solution

    TALISMAN ensures that your business can maintain control of your online market, maximise sales and achieve staff efficiency.


    • Automated and reliable discovery
    • All language text search
    • Image search
    • All online areas covered


    • Clustering of commercial operators
    • Prioritised infringements
    • Focused on locations that consumers will use or see
    • One notice for all infringements and platforms

    Intelligence to identify the real problems and a comprehensive coverage of the online environment (from app stores through to online marketplaces) are core to the system – we tackle the real problem with a fast and targeted notification and take-down system which ensures maximum impact against those key players who cause the most damage to your brand.

  • How it works





    Collects data about brand

    Aggregates and analyses that
    data to focus on the real
    threats; and

    Provides tools for targeted
    enforcement action

  • Coverage

    and reliable

    Continuous monitoring
    of the online space

    Complex big data
    automatically analysed
    and prioritised

    All languages

    Look for brand references
    in key languages using

    Image search

    Discover infringements
    using images

    Find “toxic” images
    used by infringers

    All online
    areas covered



    Social Media

    Paid Search

    3D Printing

    Mobile Apps

    Data is collected across all of these platforms – then aggregated, analysed and presented via the user interface.
    TALISMAN clusters data to discover connections and performs automated risk analysis to prioritise issues.

A New Approach

The Current Landscape v TALISMAN

Explosion of IP infringement online

Lost sales

Brand dilution and loss of exclusivity

Reputational harm


The most comprehensive
analysis of infringement across
all digital platforms

Complex and challenging threat landscape

Multiple infringers around the world

Multiple languages, platforms and business models

A tangled web with lack of clarity about the real
issues and key targets

Multiple jurisdictions and variations in law



Simplify the threats to target
the commercial issues

Response an inefficient numbers game

Gather data and send volumes of indiscriminate notices

Disregard efficiency, complexity scale – fail to achieve maximum impact



Intelligent and targeted enforcement
(deliver value not numbers)

COUNTERFEITING: A global menace

  • 2.5%

    ($461 B)of world trade is counterfeit & pirated

  • ~10%

    of world trade in fashion is counterfeit

  • ~9.7%

    ($29.5 B)EU’s revenue loss for fake apparel, shoes & accessories

  • China

    Largest producer of counterfeits

  • 5%

    ($116 B) of EU imports are counterfeits & pirated

  • ~16%

    of products sold online are identified as counterfeit

  • Brands from US and EU

    face majority of counterfeiting

  • ~$0.9 B

    online sales on China’s Singles Day counterfeit or suspicious

INCOPRO Expertise

INCOPRO’s in-house expertise means that we offer industry-leading intelligence and
technology to create an effective solution that protects your brand.

Our solution is premised on expertise in creating a bespoke brand discovery framework which is crafted by
expert analysts with specialist knowledge in the field. We offer a flexible service which allows you to take our
technical solution only or to have full in-house multi lingual analyst support.

  • Clustered


    Automated analysis to identify
    commercial scale target

    Visualise and interrogate
    clusters of infringement

  • Images matched

    Match against every discovered image
    including distorted & manipulated images

    Detect abuse of trademarks/logos
    used within images

  • Prioritised and targeted

    Visibility Score to target websites most
    likely to be found by consumers

    Risk Profiling to
    categorise the real threat

    TALISMAN designed to
    learn what is counterfeit

  • Legal and intelligence
    expertise embedded

    Know what rights to
    rely on – not overstated

    Know which infringers to
    target – biggest impact

    Great platform relationships

    One notice that works for all
    issues and platforms

The INCOPRO analyst team is multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary with legal, research and
science backgrounds. Our experts are skilled in assessing and enforcing against a
range of issues on platforms around the world. Critical to their role is the ability to
leverage platform relationships along with the simplicity of TALISMAN
notice sending to achieve scale in enforcement.
We are a truly global solution.

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Reporting and Insights

  • right-arSimple easy to use dashboard which is customised to your requirements.
  • right-arData is fully exportable for analysis and comparison to other data sets.
  • right-arData displayed in high-level dashboards with the ability to simply click through to a more detailed view of all data points.
  • right-arEmphasis on visualisation of data to aid interpretation and prioritisation.
  • right-arReport against pre-agreed KPIs

What value can we add to your brand?

  • right-arProvide a focused and targeted approach to tackle commercial scale operators abusing your brand online.
  • right-arIdentify available markets and licensing opportunities with improved commercial terms of product licences.
  • right-arHelp prevent damaging PR & regulatory damages by association of your brand with counterfeit goods which may cause consumers harm.
  • right-arEnsure that your consumers retain their trust in your legitimate e-commerce platforms.
  • right-arPrioritise issues and enforce at a scale not possible by manual searches ensuring effective action and freeing up internal resources.

How we work with your brand

Sign Up and “on-board” your brand with one of our expert analysts who builds your bespoke discovery framework.
TALISMAN undertakes an audit of your brand online to see where the real problems lie.
TALISMAN starts detecting and enforcing against your brand.
Receive detailed interactive reports and watch your counterfeiting and IP infringement rapidly decline – a direct ROI for marketing and advertising spend, increased revenue and reduce consumer harm.

Learn more about how TALISMAN can help your brand succeed