Global Anti-Piracy Intelligence

INCOPRO’s IDENTIFY system was created for content owners to provide a comprehensive global overview of online infringement of protected content. IDENTIFY is currently tracking over 17,000 sites that are engaged in facilitating copyright infringement and is continuously discovering new sites.

IDENTIFY gives content owners key data for:

  • range of enforcement activities
  • industry co-operations
  • outreach to Government
  • analytical studies

New sites are discovered via several processes

INCOPRO internal scanning technology looks for multi-industry search terms, discovering and queuing yet-to-be classified sites.
Weekly review of sites reported to Google (available through Transparency Reports).
Review of popular discussion forums and news sites.
Client submission – new sites discovered clents/third party vendors.

IDENTIFY includes an ‘infringement index’ (”INCOPRO Infringement Index”), which is an expert and logical assessment of the extent to which a site is infringing or facilitating the infringement of intellectual property rights.

This scoring system enables robust analytics and a true understanding of the global piracy landscape with a focus on the most egregious operators.

IDENTIFY automatically assesses each site in the database on a daily basis

  • right-arNew sites are fingerprinted and the percent-change tracked on a daily basis, ensuring the database is accurate – any substantial changes are reviewed manually by our analysts
  • right-arHourly check of all (sub)domains/IPs using a custom algorithm incorporating three GeoIP databases
  • right-arCountry and ISP information updated hourly
  • right-arAutomated detection of new domains/re-directs – ensuring the primary domain is always checked and flagged
  • right-arTraffic metrics from Alexa and Similarweb incorporated, and updated daily
  • right-arAll third parties/intermediaries (including yet-to-be classified entities) present on all sites tracked by INCOPRO are scanned for and detected across our entire database, enabling INCOPRO to accurately identify ad entities, payment processors, widgets, analytics, etc.

INCOPRO has in-house multi-lingual analyst resources covering

Korean Spanish Russian Hindi French Hindi Ukrainian German French Korean Arabic Mandarin Korean German Russian Arabic Cantonese German Punjabi French Mandarin Russian Mandarin Hindi Spanish Arabic Punjabi Hindi German German Arabic French Cantonese English Japanese Cantonese Ukrainian English Hindi Punjabi French Punjabi English Spanish Mandarin French Spanish Russian Japanese Arabic Hindi Korean French German

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