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INCOPRO helps companies protect their brands more effectively with fewer resources by using its TALISMAN technology to prioritize and tackle entire counterfeit networks. Effective enforcement delivers real improvements in IP protection globally, and drives costs down over time.

INCOPRO Delivers More:

Comprehensive coverage through technology that conducts round the clock monitoring of: Websites, Marketplaces, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Paid Search, and 3D Printing and much more.

Intelligent prioritisation by using:

  • Image recognition technology and machine learning, combined with multi-language tech search
  • Smart Algorithms to distinguish between infringement and licensed use.
  • Visibility Scoring to prioritize popular and visible websites.
  • Clustering to analyze vast quantities of data and draws the connections that reveal commercial scale problems.
  • Expert brand protection analysts bring a focused strategy on visible issues and underlying problems.

Complete eradication of commercial scale problems: not just social media posts, also accounts; not just a listing, also the seller; not just a website, the whole network.

Support in offline efforts to stop the source by interfacing with law firms, and also supports investigations and law enforcement to stop offline activity.

COUNTERFEITING: A global menace


TALISMAN is supported by a multi-lingual team of expert analysts covering more than 13 different languages including: Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, and many more. These analysts are overseen by leading IP legal and law enforcement intelligence experts. This expertise enables them to identify abuse of design rights where no trademarks are infringed, leverage platform relationships and ensure swift resolution where infringements have been identified.


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