Jun 22 2018

Authored by: Laurence Baker, Brand Protection Team Leader | INCOPRO Football is a lucrative business and a prime target for counterfeiters, find out which players are being targeted and who...

Jun 18 2018

During the recent INTA event held in Seattle, INCOPRO held a lively and informative seminar on ‘Online and Offline – the importance of connected intelligence and close collaboration’. The panel...

May 29 2018

Online operators such as eBay, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon find themselves under the microscope. They have become hugely successful organisations, but their platforms are often misused by those infringing rights or...

May 18 2018

London-based startup INCOPRO, which specializes in online brand and intellectual property protection, has raised $21 million from Highland Europe. INCOPRO offers solutions to companies facing the threat of IP infringement....

May 18 2018

INCOPRO, a business which helps brands including Ted Baker, Harley Davidson and Hunter combat online counterfeits, has today grabbed $21m (£18m) in funding from growth investor Highland Europe. INCOPRO, which...



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