Aug 9 2017

With the right information and technology, "genuine" can become meaningless Authored by: Simon Baggs, CEO | INCOPRO and  Partner and Head of Intellectual Property | Wiggin LLP, London and Tim...

Aug 1 2017

Illegal streaming of premium television such as Game of Thrones and Premier League football is rising despite official action to curb it, figures show. Companies including Google, eBay and Facebook...

Jul 31 2017

Brand protection specialist INCOPRO has partnered with Canadian law firm McCarthy Tétrault. McCarthy Tétrault will have access to INCOPRO’s IDENTIFY technology, which allows content owners to see a comprehensive overview...

Jul 28 2017

New research, commissioned by Hollywood, concludes that Portugal's voluntary pirate site blocking system is very effective. It significantly reduced traffic to the country's most used pirate sites and serves as...

Jul 27 2017

A report from online brand and content protection specialist INCOPRO indicates that Portugal’s regulatory site blocking orders have successfully reduced use of large-scale piracy websites by 69.7 per cent. Site...


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