Jun 14 2017

Drinks International guest writer Helen Saunders, head of intelligence and operations at brand protection company INCOPRO, gives her insight into the counterfeiting of alcohol in China. When it comes to...

May 30 2017

With counterfeiting revenues estimated to be worth billions worldwide, ecommerce platforms must work with brands to bear the brunt of enforcement The advent of the internet brought many great new...

May 24 2017

Since the early days of couture on the catwalk, the fashion industry has been a target for counterfeiters and copycats. While criminals were previously restricted to selling their fake goods...

May 19 2017

For all law firms, establishing a robust method for a brand protection practice can prove challenging. The types of brand infringement activities have been growing exponentially, especially when it comes...

May 19 2017

In recent years, counterfeiting has become an increasingly lucrative business; studies have estimated that the overall size and scale of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion...


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