Pharma counterfeiting is on the rise, despite pharmaceuticals being one of the most heavily regulated type of consumer product. According to the Centre for Medicine in the Public Interest, global sales are increasing at a rate of approximately 13% every year and were estimated to top £59 billion in 2010. Fakes can be made relatively cheaply for a large profit, and many countries lack adequate enforcement of regulations or penalties. Not only do counterfeit pharmaceuticals infringe the rights of patent, trademark and copyright owners, they also endanger lives due to unsatisfactory manufacturing conditions and lack of inspection.

A study produced by the OECD (‘The Economic Impact of Counterfeiting and Piracy, 2016’) reports that the cost of anti-counterfeiting measures for one product in one jurisdiction is 10%-20% of total annual sales. For the EU as a whole, the estimated effect of counterfeiting in this sector amounts to £9 billion or 4.4% of sales, according to a report produced by the EUIPO (‘The Economic cost of IPR Infringement in the Pharmaceutical Industry’, 2016). These figures represent sales lost by legitimate manufacturers and wholesalers of medicines. In turn, this has lead to employment losses of 91,000 jobs and a loss of £1.5 billion in government revenues (from household income taxes, social security contributions and corporate income taxes).

Technology is powering consumer health care engagement1

Worldwide pharmaceutical sales, 2011-2020

1Souce: Convergence of health care trends: Innovation strategies for emerging opportunities, Deloitte US Center for Health Solutions, 2015.

Deloitte compliance risk framework2

Pharmaceutical ethics and compliance

2Source: The challenge of compliance in life sciences: Moving from cost to value, Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions, 2015.

Pharmaceuticals are clearly one of the most harmful types of counterfeit product, threatening not only legitimate manufacturers but also consumer health and government resources.

INCOPRO’s flagship product – TALISMAN protect copyrights, design rights and trademarks, globally, using its proprietary clustering technology that provides intelligent cross-platform insights about infringements, and ranks and prioritizes them for a “one-click” action for the IP rights holder.

TALISMAN can help detect and enforce on the following IP infringements:

  • right-arListings of counterfeit fashion products on major B2B
    and B2C online marketplaces.
  • right-arAbuse of design rights online.
  • right-arUsing social media (e.g. Instagram) to engage with customers and sell counterfeit pharmaceutical goods and attempting to bi-pass the difficulties of visibility of a domain or marketplace listing.
  • right-arAbuse of paid search to mislead customers by piggybacking on brands.
  • right-arUsing a domain name with a trademark or setting up rogue look-a-like websites to sell counterfeit products.

TALISMAN is supported by a multi-lingual team of expert analysts covering Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi etc. These analysts are overseen by leading IP legal and law enforcement intelligence experts. This expertise enables them to identify abuse of design rights where no trademarks are infringed, leverage platform relationships and ensure swift resolution where infringements have been identified.

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INCOPRO can enable your company to:

Develop a targeted approach to tackle commercial scale operators abusing your brand online
Ensure that your consumers retain their trust in your legitimate e-commerce platforms
Protect brand equity and reputation globally
Increase efficiency and efficacy of enforcement – through an end to end solution
Reduce costly out of system legal action
Target resources where needed
Optimize revenue and marketing investment

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