The exponential global growth in Internet commerce has also seen an explosion in IP infringement online, resulting in a complex and challenging threat landscape for gaming companies.  “Traditional” litigation enforcement action is often difficult and prohibitively expensive.   Businesses feel almost overwhelmed by the problems and the complexity of enforcement.

TALISMAN solves these concerns by tracking and prioritising infringements in real time.  It enables IP businesses to achieve the scale of enforcement coverage that they need– click here for more information on TALISMAN

A website that only appears in the bottom Google search results is a minor problem compared to a website that is always in the first page of results.  An Instagram account linked to wider fraud is a greater concern than a one off post promoting a low level fake service.

The Talisman technology is supported by a multi-lingual team of expert analysts covering languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Russian etc.  These analysts are overseen by leading IP legal expertise and law enforcement intelligence.  This ensures total effective online protection for rights holders.

TALISMAN tracks, prioritises and prevents the following threats:

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INCOPRO’s flagship product – TALISMAN protect copyrights, design rights and trademarks, globally, using its proprietary clustering technology that provides intelligent cross-platform insights about infringements, and ranks and prioritizes them for a “one-click” action for the IP rights holder.

TALISMAN can help detect and enforce on the following IP infringements:

  • right-arListings of counterfeit fashion products on major B2B
    and B2C online marketplaces.
  • right-arAbuse of design rights online.
  • right-arUsing social media (e.g. Instagram) to engage with customers and sell counterfeit Gaming/Gambling and attempting to bi-pass the difficulties of visibility of a domain or marketplace listing.
  • right-arAbuse of paid search to mislead customers by piggybacking on brands.
  • right-arUsing a domain name with a trademark or setting up rogue look-a-like websites to sell counterfeit products.

TALISMAN is supported by a multi-lingual team of expert analysts covering Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi etc. These analysts are overseen by leading IP legal and law enforcement intelligence experts. This expertise enables them to identify abuse of design rights where no trademarks are infringed, leverage platform relationships and ensure swift resolution where infringements have been identified.

INCOPRO can enable your company to:

Develop a targeted approach to tackle commercial scale operators abusing your brand online
Ensure that your consumers retain their trust in your legitimate e-commerce platforms
Protect brand equity and reputation globally
Increase efficiency and efficacy of enforcement – through an end to end solution
Reduce costly out of system legal action
Target resources where needed
Optimize revenue and marketing investment

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