We are delighted to announce that INCOPRO has concluded a partnership agreement with Corsearch, the trade mark and domain clearance and protection business, within the Wolters Kluwer group of companies.

Corsearch is a leading global provider of trade mark screening, review, watching and domain name services to many of the largest global brands and professional service businesses.

The partnership means a significant expansion, as INCORPO is partnering with Corsearch to deliver online brand protection to existing Corsearch customers within both Europe and North America.  This partnership will allow INCOPRO to tender with Corsearch for larger opportunities where customers are searching for solution providers that can deliver a complete market leading suite of products across Online Brand Protection and Enforcement, Trademarks, Copyright, plus Domain Management and Enforcement.

As part of this new partnership, several of Corsearch’s top brand protection staff have joined INCOPRO, based in the US.  This includes talented Analyst resources along with sales and marketing staff.  Our US operation will be managed by Jonathan Cape, who joins from Corsearch as General Manager, INCOPRO Inc.  Jonathan served as Vice President Digital Brand Solutions and Global Product Management at Corsearch for the last two years, where he led all of Corsearch’s product development activities as well as overseeing the Brand Protection Team.  Prior to this, Jonathan was responsible for running Corsearch operations as VP Global Service Delivery.  In addition to overseeing INCOPRO’s US business, Jonathan will take primary responsibility for our partnership with Corsearch.

The deal with Corsearch strengthens INCOPRO’s service provision to North American and European businesses and enables INCOPRO to provide further service delivery in support of our global brand customers.

INCOPRO and Corsearch will be pursuing a mutual marketing partnership combining Corsearch, as the premier provider of clearance and protection solutions for trade mark and brand professionals, and INCOPRO’s intelligence-based IP protection solutions.

We are very excited by the opportunities that this partnership presents and we all look forward to working with Jonathan and the rest of the team in the US as we continue to build INCOPRO.