For Clients

INCOPRO clients get full access to the INCOPRO Legal Network.

The INCOPRO Legal Network are a growing international group of trusted legal partners and experts in online rights protection which provides you with the opportunity to get the best legal expertise in the territories where you need it.

Whilst the INCOPRO technologies and services are a global solution we recognise that there are instances where you will need advice in particular territories for persistent offenders. We will help you to access the best possible legal advisers where you need it.

All of our INCOPRO Legal Network firms have been chosen as they are market leaders in online rights protection in their territory.

For Lawyers


In a highly competitive market, law firms must differentiate and offer excellence beyond the reach of others. By operating as part of the INCOPRO Legal Network, firms can position themselves as the market leader in online rights protection in their territory and confidently be able to refer clients to trusted firms outside their jurisdiction.

Our network currently covers the following countries Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the USA. We are actively seeking new network partners in other jurisdictions.


We are currently identifying firms in key territories and providing them with an exclusive opportunity to become a member of the INCOPRO legal network. Each network partner has access to INCOPRO’S IDENTIFY technology and expertise, and can confidently claim the title of market leader in online rights protection in their jurisdiction.

Membership Benefits

Develop work,
services and referrals

Align with market-leading

Access to INCOPRO’S

Stay informed with
regular news and updates

Share expertise and knowledge

Attend annual thought-leadership
summit as well as ad-hoc
events throughout the year

Please contact Ted Shapiro on or +32 (0)2 892 1104
to find out more information on how your firm can become part of the INCOPRO Legal Network