About Incopro

The Company

INCOPRO delivers innovative technology solutions to businesses facing IP infringement challenges online. The company employs experts in IP law, investigation and technical design and has an array of IP protection products and services that can assist your business. Each product delivers a truly global approach to the enforcement of IP rights.

INCOPRO’s expert analyst team use this technology and a range of languages (including Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi etc.) to deliver enforcement that is both effective and widely regarded as both robust and diligent. INCOPRO’s products are also available on a managed service basis to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal IP protection teams.

Our History

  • INCOPRO began over a coffee at Café Nero in London.

    Co-founders Simon Baggs (CEO and IP protection lawyer) and Bret Boivin (CTO and system architect) are both passionate about IP. They believe that technology has a huge role to play in helping IP businesses to succeed online.

    They felt that existing technology services for IP were not built from the perspective of IP owners and did not properly focus on delivering the best strategic approaches to IP protection.

  • INCOPRO was incorporated and work on IDENTIFY started.

    They decided to form a company that would address the gap. INCOPRO was incorporated in 2012 and, after spending a year building the company’s first product (IDENTIFY), the company quickly gained traction. Large content owning businesses saw the value in a greater strategic view of the infringement issue.

  • The team is growing and site blocking strategy is formed.

    Following this initial success, the company hired Helen Saunders as Head of Operations and Intelligence. Helen’s background in law enforcement and IP protection enhanced the focus on delivering actionable intelligence.

    At this time, Simon’s legal practice had made significant strides in developing the site blocking strategy that he had pioneered in the UK.

  • TALISMAN launches – a strategic and intelligent approach to brand infringement.

    This site blocking work led to the development of the company’s next product (TALISMAN) that aimed to bring the same strategic and intelligent approach to brand infringement and counterfeiting.

    After over 18 month’s of development, working with teams in China, San Francisco and London, the TALISMAN product was launched in mid-2015. This comprehensive brand protection solution is now the choice for many global brand owners on both a managed service and outsourced basis.



INCOPRO aims to continue to develop and innovate and retains a strong team of developers who are
working to deliver both current system enhancements and further IP solutions.

The Team

INCOPRO wouldn’t be the company it is without the amazing teams of talented developers and analysts. They are what defines our culture, inspires our drive and delivers our mission. With 13 different nationalities, 11 fish, 2 shrimps and 75 bottles of whiskey, INCOPRO is a pretty unique place:

  • “The atmosphere at INCOPRO enables open and enjoyably frank discussion of ideas and approaches to solving problems.”
  • “Knowing that I have made contribution to the success of the team. Each individual analyst deals with a heavy workload every day, and even though the work we do vary from one another to great extent (and not to mention we work on different platforms covering all territories) somehow in the end, the information we gather all intertwine and become “one big connection” that link one another, and such workload would have been impossible alone.”
  • “The team is very supportive and we often assist each other’s workload; we take every colleague’s task/client enquiry as our own and aim to complete them at the highest standard.”
  • “I like being part of a closely knit team which encourages a free flow of ideas. Everyone is free to make suggestions and everyone’s opinion is sought regardless of seniority, this improves the dynamics of the firm when the conditions the firm is operating in are constantly adapting.”
  • “A friendly environment where to develop your job is a key for success in any company… This is what makes INCOPRO a pleasurable place to work.”
  • “I work with a brilliant team.”
  • “What I enjoy most about working as an analyst is working in a team that is enthusiastic and vibrant. Everyone is working towards the same goal and its very rewarding when the company succeeds.”

Executive Management Team

Bret Boivin
Director and CTO
Helen Saunders
Chief Operating Officer
Dan Anderson
Head of Engineering and R&D
Ted Shapiro
Head of INCOPRO Legal Network
Robert Cochrane-Gough
Head of Sales and Client Relations
Alaina Creedy
Head of Business Development
Philip Sloan
Phil Sloan
Head of Finance